Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Review

As this is the last day of the year, I thought I should take some time out to evaluate how things have gone in 2010 and to comment on how things have been going.

It has been a pretty good year for me, I must admit. I had a son, graduated from college, got a Job teaching English at a high school in Japan, through the JET Program. I got Honors in Asian Studies with my Thesis studying Mecha and Identity in Anime (a first for my university). All in all, I would say my personal life has been going pretty well this year. Although I have probably fought a little too much with my wife, and am seriously lacking in free time, I can easily say that I am proud with how 2010 has turned out.

Turning now to the gaming side of things. 2010 was a bit of a mixed year I guess. I took a long time off from the hobby, starting when I got married near the middle of 2009 and I didn't really even look at a Role Playing Book until the Fall of 2010 when I started working again. But, these last several months have been very good to me and this here blog.

I am really happy to say that in 2010, the Dump Stat has almost achieved 250 posts. I have gone from 0 to 15 followers. I have gotten over 10,000 page views in the last 4 months.

I have done 1 Official Product Review - Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom, by Nevermet Press, and I am in the middle of my second - Amethyst: Foundations, by Goodman Games and Dias Ex Machina.

Stargazer's world, a site where I occasionally post as a member of the Stargazer team, earned several honors this year, including an award by RPG Blog II. I also got recognized a little bit for my work on XDMC 23 - "Create a Legendary Organization" (a contest run on the WotC forums). Stuffer Shack liked one of my NPC's enough to award me the Silver Medal in their Create an NPC Contest as well.

Personally, I am also very proud of the work that I have done on my Homebrew setting, which is currently nicknamed "The Mad Lands". I am also really happy with all the work that I have accomplished on my City Builder: Architects Board Game/RPG. I wish that I could have finished it before the New Year, but life is pretty busy.

I guess, all in all, The Dump Stat has had a pretty good year. I am glad that I brought the blog back strong after my hiatus and that some people seem to be reading I get a lot more comments now than I used to which makes me really, really happy! :)

But if I am going to look back, I guess I also need to look forward, but I think that can wait until tomorrow. I have celebrating to do!!

Thanks for a great year and Thank you for constantly supporting and reading all the wild gaming stuff that I put out there!

Cheers!! Have a Happy New Year!!



  1. I felt I would comment cause...not having comments sucks. So that said, congratulations on your successes and may you have more in the future. May 2011 give you more of the same!

  2. This is a very entertaining year-end post! I hope 2010 was a blast for you. Well, for me, it wasn't that fun, but I learned a lot. I also have a year-ender, by the way. I wrote about The Sims 2 house designs, some of my personal drama, and my own top 5 lessons I learned in 2010. Care to read 'em? Just follow the links. Thanks! =)