Wednesday, December 15, 2010

City Builder - Update - Call for Playtesters

I have been hard at work at home this week, virtually every day, trying to get more done on my new game City Builder: Architects. So far, I am really liking how things are shaping up. I have been redoing some of the game mechanics that went into Edge of Annihilation: The Last City, and hopefully, the new edition will be much easier to get through. I have done all the major formatting for the book and it is looking pretty good, I must say (lacking art, but looking pretty good).

The free PDF of City Builder Architects will include:
All the basic rules for the game.
Character Creation Guide.
Guides for Buildings, NPCs, and Citizens.
Event and Item tables.
And... much, much more.

With any luck, I will be done with this before the big X'mas break here, but that might be pushing things considering my massive work load at the moment. I am going to need playtesters for the game, so If you are interested in joining my City Builder Playtest, I would love to get your comments on how the game plays out. Leave a comment in this post and I will add you to the Playtest. Playtests will have access to the setting specific versions of this game for free as they come out over the next year.


  1. Good luck. I will be very interested to see how your city system fits together, sounds very exciting.

  2. Thanks! I will be interested to see how it finally gets together as well. When it is done, I will really be needing people to try v. 1.0 out before I move ahead with the themed versions of the game. At this point you could kind of think of it as like a co-operative version of Sim City combined with group storytelling.