Friday, December 17, 2010

Classic Traveler - Character Build Check List

I just got done putting together a one page checklist for Character Building in Classic Traveller. It is really just a bunch of boxes where you can write down whether you passed a certain check, or what benefit you got when. Thought it might be useful for all of us who picked up the free Traveller bundle and have been having fun with character building. I will put it up on Megauploads a little bit later and than throw the link into this post. I hope people can use it. It only goes up to Tour 6, but if you get past your 6th tour, you are a lucky SOB (under those unlikely circumstances, just use a second page!).


  1. Ok. Here is the link for my Character Build Check List - included below are the links to the PDF and the original xls spreadsheet. Feel free to customize and promote away!