Thursday, December 16, 2010

Classic Traveller - More Character Creation

Today, I went ahaed and tried my hand at the character generation mini-game that is the Classic Traveller character generation rules. Inspired by some of the other bloggers that are doing the same, and also providing comments on my last post, I decided that I would also try my hand at making a bit of a backstory as well.

The character started off pretty decently. His name is Andrew Ward. I got the following stats in my initial rolls:

Strength 10
Dexterity 6
Endurance 6
Intelligence 8
Education 9
Social Standing 4

So, just from starting out, Andrew seems kind of like the Intelligent, Well Educated Jock. Maybe he was a decently skilled quarterback during his early days, before traveling beginning his travels around the universe and joining...

The Army!

My enlistment attempt succeeded and I was able to not only survive my first assignment, but was also commissioned and promoted. Andrew's early career looked pretty good. He initially picked up the following in his first skill acquisition, which added to Rifle 1 and SMG 1 that he gained from his rank.
+1 Education
1 Forward Observer
1 Vehicle (Wheeled Vehicle)
1 Leader

I imagine that he began his army career with a bang, getting promoted and leading a small squad of recon soldiers out of the back of a jeep. His education would be a vast help in dealing with command and his leadership skills made him a great group leader.

Andrew decided that the Army life was perfect for him, so he attempted reenlistment and was met with open arms. However, during his second term of service, he did not get a promotion. Ironically the reason for his lack of promotion during term 2 could be explained by the fact that on his first skill acquisition roll, he picked up Brawling 1 - perhaps a scuffle with a superior kept him held back this round.

But, Andrew was not to be kept down. He reenlisted again, survived, and this time, his leadership skills were well recognized. He was promoted to Major and acquired:

+1 Education
Tactics 1

Andrew's career was beginning to look quite lustrious. He had done a lot in a very short amout of time. He continued this excellent track record into his 4th term of service, where he was again promoted to Lt. Colonel and picked up:

Tactics 1
Blade Combat (Sword) 1

Getting on in years, and studying ancient battle plans for days at a time, Andrew began to experiment with the ancient fighting styles of Sun Tsu, the ancient Chinese Battle Tactician, Andrew even went as far as to pick up a Chinese Sword on the Black Market and begin training in it personally.

However, in Andrew's final term of service, he missed his chance at a promotion, but improved his leadership skill by 1. His troops loved him. But, Andrew was getting on in years and his somewhat bizarre tactical, and leadership style, meant that the top brass wasn't interested in keeping him around. Andrew failed to get into a 6th term.

Mustering out, Andrew received quite the benefits package - included were:

25,000 Credits (3 rolls on the Money Chart)

+1 Intel
Mid Psg
Gun SMG 1
+2 Edu

In the end (or, I guess, the beginning) Andrew finished his service at the still young age of 38 (or 42, I am not quite sure how to read the chart). He aged farely well as well, only losing 1 point in each of his physical scores of all his service terms. His final character stats (before game starts) were

Final Stats

Strength 9
Dexterity 5
Endurance 9
Intelligence 9
Education 13 (D)
Social Standing 4

Rifle 1
Forward Observer 1
Wheeled Vehicle 1
Leader 2
Brawling 1
Blade Combat Sword 1
Tactics 2

I am really happy with how Lt. Colonel Andrew Ward turned out. His skills and his career path seem like they would make a very interesting character all around. I look forward to actually getting a chance to play Traveler. If I ever do, Andrew will have to be one of the characters that I try out.


  1. Well, you will love what is coming even more. I think, starting Monday, there will be a new Traveler Character Creation log and story every day through New Years. I have a veritable notebook full of attempts now and it has gotten to be really, really full.