Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - 4th Officer Pierce

Brian Pierce was the supreme measure of mediocrity. His UPP was nothing but average: 674878. Although he was from a fairly wealthy, and well-known family, there was little about him which would be considered extraordinary. Rather than pursue a career in the Navy, or the Marines, which his family wanted, Pierce became a Merchant. In his first term, he was given a commission, but failed to receive any further promotion. Being surrounded by people that were either extraordinarily bad, or good, sent Pierce into a deep depression, which escalated in him paying off certain government officials in order to gain trade rights (Bribery 1). Other than his Bribery problems, 4th Officer Pierce was an average Navigator (Navigation 1) and also knew, generally, how to use a Jack-o-T (Jack-o-T 1). In his second term, he thought it best to learn how to defend himself, so he learned how to wield a knife (Dagger 1) and a hand gun (Auto Pistol 1). But, he didn't get reenlisted after his second term. All he could show for his 8 years of service was a bit of book learning (Education +1) and some Low Passage (Low Psg).

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