Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - CRION

Very little is known about master hacker CRION. His childhood background is a mystery. Some records exist from when he began his career, which indicate his original UPP as 674994. He was highly intelligent and well educated. Over his 16 year career, he spent a considerable amount of time around black markets, where he was fairly well known in the underworld (Streetwise 2). He also has been linked to several important Forgery Reports (Forgery 1). His skills with electronics and computers are a matter of public record as many of his hacks have left tell-tale signs and signatures (Computers 1, Electronics 1). However, 16 years after the start of his career, all record of his existence went black. He is believed to be still alive, but he has not been seen on any known Space Ports, or Empire Worlds.

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