Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Ensign Bill

Bill was always a bright and strong young lad. His parents were so proud of him when they got his UPP coming up with with a 786999. Bill had all the potential to become one of the greats. He had the Intelligence, the Education, and the Social Standing to make it in the Navy. His folks hoped that one day he might even become a ship captain at some point.

Bill joined the Navy with ease. He took to life flying through the great sea of stars with ease. During his first term, he couldn't quite make his first commission, but picking up some people skills (Social 1) and learning to pilot the Ship's Boat (Ship's Boat 1), he still held so much hope. Determined to climb the ladder of rank, Bill was the first to hand in his reenlistment papers.

During his 2nd Term, Bill finally got his commission. He achieved the rank of Ensign and was sent to work in Engineering where he quickly took to his new skill set (picking up Engineering 1 twice) and the brute work did his body good (STR +1). Bill was getting all the attention that he was looking for, so reenlistment was an obvious choice.

But... his 3rd Term proved to be one term too many. The Boat Bill was assigned to took an unfortunate jump into a Supernova. All were lost. Bill's Naval career was cut tragically short.


  1. Poor guy... happens to the best of them.

  2. A significant number of my characters have tended to go that way... there obituaries are on the way. They are almost more interesting than the characters who lived.