Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Kebo the Merchant

Starting off my Classic Traveller character dump, I present Kebo, the character I built with my wife at the dinner table. We first rolled up Kebo's stats and got the following.

Strength - 7
Dexterity - 4
Endurance - 5
Intelligence - 7
Education - 4
Social Standing - 4

Kebo, at first, was not looking too good. He had some pretty low stats, but he would not let his poor ability profile get in the way of his desire to join the Navy, but the Navy would. He failed his enlistment and got drafted into the role of a merchant. A career which would suit him well, until the end of his career.

During Kebo's first Term of service, he was commissioned into an officer position, but failed to receive a promotion. He picked up some skills in Strength, Jack-o-T, and Gunnery during this term (it is believed that during Gunnery training Kebo may have accidentally shot down an allied Scout Ship, which prevented any promotion during his first term).

Kebo was reenlisted, but received no promotion, yet again. This failure to gain notice was most likely caused by Kebo's time spent at the Gym, where he gained an additional +1 Strength, but failed to improve any of his other relevant skills.

In Kebo's third term, he finally got down to business and learned how to be a Steward and how to work with machines (picking up Steward 1 and Mechanical 1). The top merchant brass finally recognized Kebo's potential and promoted him to 3rd Officer.

Kebo was enjoying his merchant life very much and decided to reenlist again, but in his fourth term, picking up the Bribery 1 skills meant that he was not going to be getting a promotion over the term.

Kebo's 5th term sent him off world, where he was promoted to 2nd officer and picked up some training in the operation of prop airplanes, but working on the Street served him well in the Streetwise skill department.

But, Kebo began to get bored, and in his 6th term, he went back to his old ways and hit the gym again, forgoing a shot at a promotion for time on the bench press. No promotion in his 6th term, but he did pick up an extra 1 Strength.

Kebo managed to age well over his terms, only failing 1 Strength, 1 Dexterity, and 2 Endurance checks while aging. At muster out, Kebo picked up a bit of cash (around 80,000 Cr) and also got a bit smarter, all of a sudden (picking up +2 Intelligence), before finally learning how to use an Autorifle. A bit of Low Passage finished out Kebo's benefits package.


  1. What was his education?

    I'm looking forward to this series!

  2. Ah. Typo. Int was 7 Ed was 4. The rest are getting posted up in UPP hexadecimal format. So much easier to type.

  3. Very nice. I love how characters seem to take on a life of their own during character generation.

  4. Yup. I think that is a true testament to how awesome this character generation system was. Actually, it remains to be pretty awesome. Even the characters that perish get that spark of life for the length of character gen... at least until you fail survival.