Thursday, December 23, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Lieutenant Dan

Dan was always very good with his hands and his head, and could take a licking like no other; his UPP could prove it as well, having a 6AAB74, wasn't some ordinary UPP. He was a tough kid with a mind that could move mountains. But, his lack of Social Standing, and only moderate education meant that he wouldn't be cut out for the Navy. He didn't have the family for it.

But Dan would not be disheartened. He said, "Screw It! I'm Joining the Marines!" and sent in his enlistment papers. He was happily accepted. But, the marines was a tough spot for a kid like Dan. In his first term, he got caught up playing and betting on dice (Gambling 1) which meant no Commission for him. As discipline, Dan ended up shining Revolvers for a year, which, as it turns out, helped him to really understand the inner workings of that most basic of handguns (Revolver 1).

Dan's second term had him working in the repair shop, where he picked up some skills in Electronics (Electronics 1), but it also kept him out of the lime light and out of the commissioned lists.

During Dan's third term, he started training harder and harder, he was determined to get the commission he felt he so deserved. His training was rewarding to some degree (STR +1), but the commission still failed to come. In his 4th Term, he was given a Vac Suit (Vac Suit 1) and put to work. No commission, no fame, no fortune. Poor Dan just never got any time to shine...

Until... His fifth term. In his fifth term as an enlisted Marine, Dan ended up saving a General who had fallen out of a helicopter using a Grav Jeep (Grav-Vehicle 1) that had been left unmanned by a group of his COs. The General was so grateful that he gave Dan his very own Cutlass and promoted him to Lieutenant on the spot.

That was enough for Dan. He didn't make reenlistment in his 6th term. He was just getting too old. But, he finished out his career with a UPP of 589C74; he could handle a Cutlass like no other (Cutlass 3) and was a fancy shot with a Revolver as well (Revolver 2). He could drive a pretty mean Grav-vehicle and was a fair gambler to boot.

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