Monday, December 27, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Lieutenant John Doe

Lieutenant John Doe was always teased as a child. His name was a bit odd, and more than a bit dark. But, John was always a fighter, and never put up with the crap his friends gave him. He was tough as nails and strong to boot. His UPP of 997797 showed that he was not some average border-world maggot. He had what it took, so he made it his goal to join the Navy. But, they didn't really want him. Instead, John got drafted into the Army, and got shipped off to a border-world, where he was going to have to put up with border-world maggots on a daily basis. In his first Term of Service John went all out, trying to get attention and a better assignment. He hit the books (Edu +1), learned how to use a PC (Computer 1), went to flight school and learned how to pilot a helicopter (Helicopter 1); he even started picking up some pretty good skills with the Sub Machine Gun (SMG 1). All his hard work paid off. He got his commission and a promotion all in his first term of Service, rocketing to the rank of Lieutenant. But, just when everything seemed like it was going great, he was refused Reenlistment. Apparently top brass just couldn't have themselves a Lieutenant that everybody thought would end up in a body bag. John was given 10,000 CR, and some manuals to help him improve his shooting skills as severance (SMG 2, Rifle 1). Good luck Lieutenant John Doe. May you have many space adventures ahead of you!!

(You thought this one would die too didn't you?! Well, at first I did as well.)

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  1. These are really awesome. I love reading about the ones who met their end during character creation. Keep this up!