Saturday, December 25, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Private Harold

Harold was always a rambunctious and trouble making youth. His punches could break bricks, and skulls, but he never could take a hit very well. At boarding school, he received a top class education, but his teachers always thought he was a trouble maker. Before enlisting in the marines, His UPP of C436A6 showed that he had some promise. But, his old boarding school ways caught up to him. During his first term, he got in serious trouble, and was sent to the Brig for gambling and brawling (Gambling 1, Brawling 1), but once he got out, he decided that he was going to turn a new leaf and pledge to go straight. In his second term though, he couldn't kick the Gambling habit. During a game of cards, Harold got accused of cheating; in response he through a hay maker that broke his accuser's nose. Unfortunately, his opponent was armed and pretty ticked off. A few Revolver rounds later and Harold was gone. R.I.P. Private Harold.

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