Sunday, December 26, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Sailor Raymundo

Raymundo came from an incredibly wealthy and prestigious family, even for galactic standards. His line had possessed a small colony for centuries and each of his ancestors had done their tour in the Navy. Raymundo was to be no exception. But, he was going to have to start at the bottom. He enlisted without a problem. His UPP of 57A4CC was proof that he had what it took to make it to the rank of Admiral. In his first term of service, he picked up some skills with a Vac Suit (Vac Suit 1) and a bit of manual dexterity (DEX +1) after being relentless forced to work outside the ship, doing repairs. However, a horrible accident on one of these repair trips meant that Raymundo would not be making it through his second term of service. His rich, socially advanced family decided to have the Ship's captain court-marshaled in response. R.I.P. Sailor Raymundo.

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