Thursday, December 30, 2010

Classic Traveller Character - Scout Pollard

Pollard enlisted in the scouts at a ripe young age. He was perfect for the job, having a UPP of 964B97. His above average Intelligence, Education and Strength were to be an asset to his dangerous position. During his first term, Scout Pollard gained Medical Training (Medical 1) and also learned how to use a Jack-o-T (Jack-o-T 1). In his second term, he was given Navigation training and learned how to be a pilot (Navigation 1, Pilot 1). However, his original fascination with the Jack-o-T, drove him to accelerate and advance his training in this area (Jack-o-T 2). However, he mysteriously perished during his 4th Term due to friendly fire. R.I.P. Scout Pollard.


  1. We used to house rule the Jack-of-all-Trades skill back in the day.

    Since it can only ever count as Skill-0 in something else and never Skill-1 (or better) any time someone got it more than once they just re-rolled instead.

    (I am assuming your reference to the Jack-o-T as a thing to be skilled in was a joke, yes?)

    Enjoying reading these many characters, thanks!

  2. Lol. Yea. I honestly have very little knowledge about how many of these skills work. That one was especially confusing. I haven't gotten a chance to play Classic Traveller yet, and like I said earlier, I am currently just making characters like crazy, since the process is so easy. I will probably do something like that with the Gamma World 4e game soon too :P I like your house rule actually. Sounds like a good rule to use going forward.