Monday, December 20, 2010

Classic Traveller Character Extravaganza!!

Starting tomorrow, up until New Years, I will be posting a new tale of Classic Traveller character gen every day. I have had a super fun time with this character generation process so far and I really want to showcase some of the fun characters that have both lived and died during the character generation process. I will be kicking off this character generation bonanza with one of my favorites, Kebo, the Merchant, a character that I built with my wife, and guess what, she actually enjoyed the process (she liked getting to roll dice to make her character). I hope you enjoy the following series.


  1. Yup! It is going to be a fun week. I might end up posting a lot more actually. I think this will probably last until I start teaching again after the end of Winter Vacation and that isn't until January 11th... then again, if I go that long, I might end up just turning it into 30 days of Traveller...

  2. You should realize that some of these posts are going to be painfully short. Those characters were the ones that hurt the most...