Friday, December 10, 2010

Genesis Journal #13 - WoW and less Punky Steam Punk

My current examination of World of Warcraft will be ending very soon. My poor Toshiba netbook which I have with me here in Japan decided that it no longer likes to run World of Warcraft now that I have installed the new expansion for the game; perhaps they upgraded the graphics, or, perhaps it is because my netbook seriously lacks the necessary RAM to keep the game from crashing the entire system through the floor.

All this really doesn't matter to my current campaign setting journal at hand.

One of the things I really like about WoW is the integration of technology into the system. Guns, Gizmos, Steam powered gadgets, magical machines, and even mecha all make an appearance in the game. But.... the game is definitely NOT steam punk.

So, what I have been thinking about is the integration of steam powered weapons, gizmos, etc., without entering into the Steam punk genre at all. In other words, if WoW can build a Punk-less Steam integrated universe, then I think just about any good role player or world builder could do the same thing.

Given this analysis, I really feel like my setting is leaning much more towards the WoW feel. The feel I have for the setting is more of a fantasy world with steam powered stuff populating it. I mentioned earlier in my post regarding Steam Punk and Cyber Punk that I was aiming for something in the middle of these two genres. Since my return to WoW, I think that I could easily put all kinds of steamy stuff into the world without turning it into a "Steam Punk" universe.

I really want to make the Mad Lands more of a Mad, Mad, Mad world kind of Mad Lands, then an upset and angry Mad Lands. I think that in doing something like this, I am more interested in making the game fun and whimsical (at least for the imagery) than in making the game world punk and edgy. I think I would put my setting more into the category of Fantasticaly, Steamy, Cybery Whimsy, than into any of these categories alone. This isn't to say that I want this setting to be funny; I just want it to be way over the top and filled with fun cool stuff and interesting stories, and some serious global plots.

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