Saturday, December 18, 2010

Genesis Journal #15 - World Changing Disasters

There have been a few posts around the blogosphere these last few weeks with regard to natural disasters in your game world and the effect those disasters have on the world itself. But, not only that, but reading through Amethyst: Foundations over the last couple days has really spiked my interest in how natural disasters effect your game world.

Amethyst went the way that I want to go - a massive heavenly body falls from the sky and really screws up the planet. I really, really like these kinds of disasters and I have wanted to use a meteor impact in my game setting since I started thinking about building this setting.

But, what I am most interested in is how one uses a natural disaster in the ancient history of your setting. The meteor impact that I want in my world is happening about 10,000 years ago. How would you leave the scars of such an event on your world?

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