Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going Beyond Super Fantasy - Hyper Fantasy ??

This post is sort of a follow-up to the post I made a couple of days ago about Super Fantasy, which was a post inspired by the guys over at RPG Circus.

So, what I am curious about is if there is something that goes beyond Super Fantasy, or if we can pretty much call anything that is in a fantasy setting, but which goes beyond having, just a little fantasy, as "Super Fantasy"? This topic interests me for a couple of reasons: first, I guess the obvious thing is why we label these things at all (though I guess I understand the answer to this question), but the second reason, what is the end-all of super fantasy?

If we postulate (ooo big Matrix 2 words) that Super Fantasy is defined by seeing things that would typically be very rare in a standard fantasy world on a much more regular basis, to the point that these things that would be rare become accepted parts of daily life (a.k.a. the Dragonborn at a bar), at what point does even the Super Fantasy idea get surpassed?

The reason I bring this up is for a couple of reasons. The setting I am working on now would at least be considered a Super Fantasy setting; there are beastfolk running about wielding steam powered Gatling guns, and Tiefling Samurai in Power Armor. This is at least a Super Fantasy setting, but does it go even beyond that? If you take things like Steam Punk or Cyber Punk and put them into a Fantasy world, does that Fantasy world become something very different? Is there a different kind of label we put these type of games and settings under? Is this Hyper Fantasy? what?

I would be inclined to say, NO. I don't really want to keep this labeling process going further than it already has been taken. I would be inclined to label anything in a Fantasy setting that takes what would normally be considered rare and makes it day-to-day as Super Fantasy, so, I guess my setting would be considered Super Fantasy as well.

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