Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist... like a mile long. This Christmas, I am getting my hands on games like never before. I don't really get too many presents, other than from the parents (my wife doesn't really do presents for me, she just lets me buy a bunch of silly stuff). So, the presents that I am giving myself this Christmas include

The New Gamma World Game
Ooooo!! I can not wait to get this in the mail. Sorry to all the FLGS's, but I don't have one. I live in Japan, so I shop Amazon. I really look forward to getting this box in the mail. From all the great things I have heard about the setting, it is going to be a blast to play.

Rogue Trader Core Rule Book and the GM Kit
Yea! This one has been a long time coming. Like some of you know. I am fairly slow to jump on a given bandwagon. I usually am not the first person to jump on a fad when it strikes, but I am also likely to keep going with it for far longer than everyone else does. I have always loved the Warhammer 40k Universe, so this one seemed like a given. I had my pick of the three systems: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch. This one came out on top.

Video Games
I am a big video gamer, almost more so than a Pen & Paper gamer these days. Not really having the free time to get a big group together to play has meant me moving my hobby to the PS3 on Saturday mornings and at night when my wife and kid are sleeping. So, this Christmas, I am picking up a bloody plethora of PS3 games, including Demon's Souls, the game I mentioned in a previous post. I think I also picked up Ninja Gaiden: Sigma - which is a game I have been wanting to play for a LONG time now. I am pretty behind on games, so I am just getting Assassin's Creed 2 now. I can't wait to give that a try as well.

Other Stuff
I am heading over to the Americas over winter vacation and going on a little trip up to Vancouver, BC. Really looking forward to this trip, because, for one thing, there are quite a few game stores in Vancouver. There is one a couple miles away from the hotel where I am staying, so I am planning to actually get my hands on some other stuff and see about what I want to pick up then. I really want to get a better look at some of the D&D essentials box sets, as well as the Ravenloft Board Game. I had originally thought about getting the Ravenloft board game from the beginning, but since it weighs like 8 pounds, I am not entirely sure that I can get it into my luggage and back to Japan on the plane.

What is on your X'mas List?


  1. I've wanted to check out the new Gamma World game as well. I have a few other purchases that I want to make first tough. I just placed an order at Lulu for Mythic Russia and OpenQuest. I'm pretty excited about those. I've never played any of the d100 games like RuneQuest before so I'm looking forward to trying them out. I'd also like to get the Arduin Grimoire reprints from Emperor's Choice. There are a few more. I'm an American in Italy so I have to pretty much order all my stuff as well.

  2. I need to pick up RuneQuest. It sounds like a fun time. Good luck gaming in Italy! Us American Invaders got to stick together.