Sunday, December 5, 2010

RPG Circus - If you aren't listening, you are missing out!

I am sure these guys really don't need the promotion and that they have enough listeners already, but I thought I would give them a plug now since I have been going over a lot of their older podcasts. The Podcast started in 2009, during my dark period where I existed in a gaming void. However, I have gotten into them a lot lately and they are now my most actively played podcast on my iPod (SModcast comes in a very close second).

Although some of the older podcasts contain news which is a bit dated, these podcasts also have some really awesome content which I think still applies a bit over a year and a half later. I want to talk about some of these elements in future blog posts of mine and give some comments about what I personally think as both a DM, RPG Blogger, and RPG Player.

Also, here is a link to their website: Use it at your leisure -


  1. I am a fan of RPG Circus as well. I have been listening to them since the spring. As great as they are on podcast, they are great in person as well.

  2. Yea, I would love to meet those guys in person. Need to figure out how to get myself to Gencon.