Thursday, December 16, 2010

Running back to Shadowrun Pt. 1 - GMing a PbP

In my quest to go back to some games other than 4e, I have been taking another look at Shadowrun 4e. Shadowrun has always been pretty much my go to #2 game. If my friends and plan to get together for a game, it usually ends up being D&D in either 4e or 3.5, but the close second has always been Shadowrun.

When I was studying abroad, one of my German friends played a lot of Shadowrun with me. He and I had a really good time messing around with character generation and doing a couple of mini-adventures. At one point, we recruited another friend of mine, new to gaming, and tried to do a bit of Shadowrun play. This mutual friend didn't really understand that he couldn't go around slapping and shooting anything he darn well pleased. The game ended in blood and bullets, mostly our blood, but not our bullets.

I have been really dying to play a new game of Shadowrun. I did some searching around the web for some PbP, but I am always leary about getting into a PbP on a big forum. But, right now, at the RPG Table Talk forum, my post about doing a game of Shadowrun there has turned up some interest, so, with any luck, I will be putting my Shadowrun GM hat on for the very first time and will be running a little Shadowrun PbP.

Right now, we have 2 players willing and able to play in this game, but we are looking for a few more. I would like to get about 4 players signed up before I start adventure building. If you are interested, you should go over to the RPG Table Talk forum and check out the Shadowrun PbP thread here:

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