Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Session 3 Adventure Report Pt. 2

The last and final battle aboard the Steam Train Hammer - Well, it went a bit quicker than I would have liked...

So, the players opened up the giant Iron doors to see a room full of minions, some big bad orcs, and a lot of heavy machinery. The giant train, seperated into two floors, presented a nice open area for the players to finally get to make some charges and other movement related tactics. However, on the second floor, a group of Orc Musketeers, wielding long-rifles, reigned down terror on the players. Some of them went critical. Almost everyone was bloodied, save for the ranger in the party, who decided to stay outside the train and shoot at the minions from safety. On the balcony, were not 1, but two BBEGs. The first, a mad orc engineer/alchemist sat at the controls of a giant crane, which he used to whack the players around, knocking them down, and dealing some serious damage using various alchemical grenades. The other BBEG, a Tiefling, gave his opening monologue, but before the players could even make it up the stairs, whipped up some bad juju, and made his exit. For the rest of the encounter, the players were bombarded with homing fireballs coming out of the walls of the train, but had nobody to focus their fire at.

The wizard, hoping to track down his rival spellcaster, made his way, expediously, through the exit used by the Tiefling. However, he was too late. The Tiefling had already revved up the steam engines on his Heavy Duty Orni-Shinook (a massive steam power Shinook helicopter/ornithopter) and took off from the roof of the Orc train in Earnst Blowfeld fashion. Even more disappointing to the party was that he had made off with the crates they were looking for - they were going to have to chase him, and the crates down, if they had any hope of getting them back.

This encounter was a bit weak. I made it that way on purpose, but the impact was a bit lame. The overuse of minions here, having the BBEG make his escape, and leaving the players on a cliff hanger all combined to make this encounter a bit of a downer for the PC's. I probably should have made them put up more of a fight though.

With that, the great train raid ended, but the adventure is far from over. Now, the players are interoggating the lone Orc that they took alive and are about to be set off on a quest to find the crates in the Bandit city of Buzzard's Berth. It is going to be quite the adventure indeed.

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