Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shadow of the Colossus - esq BIG CREATURES @RPG Circus

I have really bean enjoying RPG Circus over the last few days. One of the coolest things they talked about, which I have always wanted to do myself (and hopefully will be doing in my current setting) is the creation of BIG CREATURES that are actually really, really big.

In season 1 Episode 3 of RPG Circus, they talk about drawing inspiration from things you see in the world. One of the examples they gave of this was creating monsters that mimic those of Shadow of the Colossus for D&D 4e. These creatures aren't something that can easily be slain, but rather, are something that the players can climb around, attack, and also try to bring down via a variety of skill challenges.

If you remember, I brought up the 12 Great Beasts of the World in one of my previous posts regarding my current homebrew campaign. I wanted to make these 12 Great Beasts modeled after the 12 Animals of the Zodiac, but also have them be totally twisted and extremely large in size. Bringinng one of these beasts might be an adventure all of its own. An extremely dangerous adventure, but one which could be extremely fun and world changing for the players.

I guess all I really have to say is that good stuff is good stuff. If you look at a game like Shadow of the Colossus, you really can't help but want to have something like that in your role playing game.


  1. I agree. I think that game is some excellent inspiration for some epic battles. I bet coming up with creative ways to depict a beast that you not just battle but actually is the dungeon itself would be rather challenging but extremely rewarding. I am working on something similar in a Dark Sun campaign I am putting together. In one of the encounters I am having a large dwarven made 'mech' made of wood and bone appear out of the sand. Its filled with a small batallion of dwarves and a few slaves that they make operate the machine. Going to build it out of some disposible plates that i am going to grid up and put up on legs. I think its going to be fun.
    Anyways, cool post. If you give this large monster thing a try let us know how you do it.

  2. That is a really good idea actually. Very Trojan-Horse on Mecha Steroids-esq. I like it. Yea, I will definitely be doing this with my God-like Elemental Beasts in my setting. It will be interesting to see how it comes out. The hardest thing that I have been nogotiating with so far is what tier of play these dungeon/creatures should be. If you make them Epic, it will limit their play, but heroic tier would make them so easy that virtually anybody could conquor them.

  3. Well I am thinking on playing it on the heroic level to kinda kick the game off with a bang. I am going to make the mech slow enough that smart players wont be too devastated by it. the bulk of the encounter is actually going to be exploring the mech and trying to discover how to take it down and fighting the dwarven batallion. In Shadow of the colossus the colossi werent really all that lethal either. They were slow and their attacks were typically easy to avoid. The experience was more about the exploration and discovery of these great beasts. I'm coming at this as more of a level design approach than a monster design approach. Should be fun.

  4. Sounds like fun to me. Where in the world are you having this thing appear? What impact has it had on the surrounding villages, countries, etc. ? That is more of what I am worried about. If I drop one of these big baddies somewhere near a civilized area, and make it a heroic level task, nation X's army should theoretically be able to take it down. I also don't want these beasts causing too much havoc right from the get go.

  5. Well I am doing this in the Dark Sun campaign setting. The mech I am setting up isn't going to be majorly huge in scale. I would Say 30 - 50 ft tall. Its going to come out of the sand as an ambush for the party. Not worried about armies or nations because they don't really exist outside the city states. Not really worries about civilization at all due to the setting for that matter. I am going to set up then encounter in advance and really develop the antagonism between the party and the dwarven faction. I am really using this to play around with scale because I haven't done that before. If this works well I am planning on setting up a dungeon way later that is actually going to be the petrified remains of a colossus (or dragon or whatever)that gets reanimated when they are inside. That one is going to take some planning to setup. baby steps. But yeah, Dark Sun is affording me a lot of liberties when it comes to the ramifications of really anything I want to do. Its pretty sweet.

  6. Sounds like a pretty spiffy set up you got there. You will have to let me know when it is all done. I will be very interested to see your player's reactions to the Mecha.