Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stuffer Shack NPC Creation Contest Winners Announced...

And Yours Truly was among the top brass. My NPC, Drig'Drall, the Station Master, picked up the Silver Medal. Too cool. I am really glad that somebody liked him. After he made an appearance in my campaign this year, I have grown rather attached to that character as well.

Jonathan Baldwin had this to say about Drig'Drall:

“Drig’Drall gets my vote in part because of the world he implies. I’ve always had a soft spot for trains and fantasy, so any point where they intersect gets my attention. Drig’Drall has personality and an interesting role in his world, and the descriptive details are very striking – all important for a good NPC.”
The NPC that picked up 1st place was really awesome! I will be stealing that NPC for sure. If you aren't familiar with what the contest is all about - it is part of the Steal This series on the Stuffer Shack. All the NPC's entered, even the winners, are available for your use in any game.

So, why not go give them all a look see. You never know which one might spark your interest ;)

Thanks to all the judges!


  1. You're welcome! :D Well deserved, truly. Congratulations. ^^

  2. Thanks! That is a really great contest set up by a great blog. I look forward to the next one. I also can't wait to check out those dice!

  3. Thanks bud for entering the contest, and for the kind words! It's time for you to choose your set of dice: 1st place took the Forrest set of dice and the Charging Warhorse.

    You get your choice of the other three sets of dice, and the very large horse mini (I imagine the horse mini would be great as a magebred horse, or one of the Valenar warhorses from Eberron.

    Shoot your shipping address to me, and let me know which dice you want.

    Thanks again!

  4. Done and Done! OOO!!! The Celtic Dice are still free!!! YAYAYA!!!!!!! You just made me a very, very happy man. Thanks again.

  5. Helloooooooo.... Contest..... before it's too late!