Friday, December 24, 2010

What will you be doing on X-mas eve?

So, what will you be doing on Christmas Eve? Will you be curled up next to the fire waiting for Santa to come down the Chimney? Will you be drunk off the overly-spiked Eggnog? Will you be eating cookies until you slip into a food coma? Will you be gaming?

I will be catching a flight headed back towards the US from Narita airport on Christmas Eve, but I will arrive there the same day at 9 AM. Going back in time always fascinates me. When I land, it will technically be Christmas in Japan, but I will get another entire day of anticipation before the big day comes.

I will be spending the majority of the 9 hour flight catching up on the wonderful plethora of RPG Podcasts that I have filling my iPod. I will also, without a doubt, probably be building myself some Traveller characters on the plane because 9 hours is a long time and I am pretty sure that I can roll 2d6 on my seats folding tray table (except during take-off and landing of course). But once I get to Canada, I have a whole bunch of RPG Products waiting for me and I plan to spend at least a little bit of my winter holiday pouring over their contents and writing about my findings.

So, Merry Christmas Eve! Or Happy Holidays if you prefer! No silly game based content this holiday. Sorry!!


  1. Right now, we're just hanging out. Tim bought a new game for the 360 and I'm goofing around. It's pretty cool.

    Happy Safe and good flight. Roll them dice into a good character. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

  2. Spending it with the in-laws, writing up blog posts in advance. Currently working on The Demon Lord Kringus!