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XDMC 23 - 8 Golden Guardians Pt. 3

TIPS for Incorporation:What You, the DM, need to do to make this information work for you!Adventure Hooks and Other Ideas

The Legend of the Guardians is massive and open to use from many angles, especially when it comes to tier and level of play. As such, it is up to the DM to fill in the blanks when it comes to their legend in order to make the organization work for you. The majority of the work here has been done for you, but in order to make the organization and the legend fit properly, it requires a bit of work. Provided below are adventure hooks that span all of the tiers of play as well as suggestions for how to incorporate this organization into a campaign as well as which blanks could most easily be filled by the DM to make the organization work in any particular game.
The following Hooks would be appropriate for characters of the Heroic Tier, but could also be used at other tiers, but leading to different challenges/quests.

The Scions of the 4 Kings – The player’s are approached by a member of the (a) church which holds the secret of the 8 Golden Guardians; the player’s are requested to track down and locate the heirs to the throne’s of the 4 Kings which originally held the Tome of the Bond. They may be given information as to the reason, they may not. This quest could put the players in a treacherous position as they may be forced to protect these scions from the church, which wishes to cull any evidence of their failure from the world.

A once prosperous town… - The player’s discover the ruins of a town destroyed several hundred years ago. The remnants of the town suggest that it was destroyed not by monsters, but by human hands. In addition, markings over the village indicate that the village is cursed and that all travel into the town is forbidden by the (a) church. This hook may lead the player’s to discover that the 8 Golden Guardians were responsible and that the church unjustly marked the town as evil.

Walking the Guardians Path – The player’s discover a martial dojo affiliated with the (a) church associated with the Legend of the 8 Golden Guardians. The Dojo is a place where martial fighters assemble to train their martial styles. The Master’s of the Dojo are said to have followed the path of the Golden Guardians in mastering their own martial styles. This hook could put the player’s against several powerful NPC’s which practice martial styles similar to the Guardians.

Hook Results:Potential Challenges for the Players

The following are potential ideas for continuations of the previous adventure hooks. They are once again divided by tier. These are simply potential ideas for DM’s to use when building an adventure around the Guardians’ Legend.

(Heroic Tier)
Track Down members of the Brood – The Player’s may be forced to track down members of the Brood of the 8 Golden Guardians in order to recover some of their Dragon Blood. This Dragon blood may be used for a ritual to locate the 8 Golden Guardians and discern what has become of them.
Defeat Dragon Spawn – The Player’s may be tasked with defeating spawn of the 8 Golden Guardians which, after hundreds of years, is seeking revenge against the (a) church.
(Paragon Tier)
Discover the Whereabouts of the Legendary Wizards – The Truth behind the Guardians is tied to several wizards from another plane. The Player’s may be asked to find a way to determine the whereabouts of this order of mages and find out if they still exist.
Defeat the 8 Golden Guardians in their human forms – The player’s may discover that the dragons were unsuccessful in reversing the magic and reverting back to their human forms; after this failure, the dragons each went their separate ways, some in pairs, others went off on their own. The player’s have discovered that these tyrants still roam the world and may be commissioned by the church or some other powerful organization to hunt them down. In human form, each of the dragons is a powerful Martial NPC (most likely a solo) of mid to upper paragon tier.
(Epic Tier)
Rebind the 8 Golden Guardians into Human Form – After discovering that the dragons were successful in reversing the magic, the player’s may be enlisted to track down the wizards on another plane in order to recast the ritual to imprison the dragons, then, destroy them in their weakened human forms. The players are requested to get samples of the dragon blood from each of the dragons, then cast the ritual and imprison them once again.
Defeat the 8 Golden Guardians in their Dragon forms – The player’s are tracked down by either the church, a king, or the mages that originally imprisoned the dragon. They are informed that the Dragons were in fact successful in reversing the magic and reverted to their draconic forms before splitting up and returning to their own corners of the world. However, they must now be destroyed. For Good. The player’s are asked to hunt down each one of these 8 Ancient Wyrms (one of each color) and slay them.

NOTE TO DM’sThis entry has the potential for linking to any number of challenges. I couldn’t possibly record them all down here. There are several important things that the DM must decide when incorporating this legend into his or her game. The first and most important is deciding which church/religious organization was responsible for imprisoning the dragons or if it was a group of churches and a combined effort. However, from there, this organization could lead to any number of potential outcomes. It may be useful to look to the other Optional Elements (which I didn’t use in this entry) to make it fit into your game. These Optional Elements could actually form a great source of inspiration in making this organization part of your own campaign.

Imitators – There may be a group of Warriors, calling themselves the 8 Golden Guardians, and wearing golden armor, roaming the world protecting the people and killing off evil religious leaders and monarchs.
Nemesis – The Wizards from another plane may actually be an Order of Githyanki Mages, which once had a pact with the Red Dragons, but once the dragons broke this pact, the Githyanki decided to spite them. The 8 Golden Guardians may now be forever pitted against Githyanki, searching the planes for the wizards which first imprisoned them.
Restoration – It may be that the player’s are prophesized as being the one’s which will eventually recast the ritual to bind the dragon’s once again to human form and bring about the return of the 8 Golden Guardians.
Treachery – One of the 8 Golden Guardians may have gotten a hold of the Tome before the Others and restored himself to his draconic form without restoring the rest. He now holds the tome on his own and will not allow his draconic brethren the delight of being returned to their true form.
Unfinished Business – It may be that the 8 Golden Guardians only thought that they had found the Tome of the Bond, but in fact they had not, they dissolved into infighting after slaying the third king and thus the organization vanished without ever finding the true Tome of the Bond, which has been passed down from father to son by the last, 4th King.

With that, you have my complete entry for XDMC 23 - I hope you enjoyed it and you can get some use out of it. It really made me happy to get a silver medal in the competition this time, though that means little, other than a pat on the back.

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