Tuesday, December 7, 2010

XDMC 24 Has Begun!

I guess I am a little bit late posting this alert. The 24th Expert Dungeon Master's Competition has begun!!! Oh yes, I am excited. It is time for you to get over to the Wizard's of the Coast Forums and flex your DM muscles by creating a Dungeon Delve!!!

Here is the summary of the contest this time around.

XDMC 24: Populate a Map: Arcane Corridors!

The topic for this competition is Arcane Corridors. Below you will find a map created using 28 tiles from the Arcane Corridors tile set published by Wizards of the Coast. Your job is to use this map to create an exciting delve.

Required Elements
The map is shown with all the tiles "face up". It should be assumed that the reverse of each tile is plain stone floor. You cannot move, shift, rotate, or add tiles to the map. However, you may remove one or more tiles altogether, decide which tiles begin play face up, which tiles begin face down, which tiles might be flipped, removed or restored during play. You may also populate the tiles with terrain, traps, effects, objects, and creatures. Stat blocks are necessary only for objects, creatures, and traps that cannot be found in the Compendium. You can decide what the specific tiles represent (though how well you do this can affect your Themes score). When describing tiles, use the numbers (and/or tile names) set forth in the map key also included below.In order to enter this competition, your entry must fulfill the following required elements:

What: Name the delve
Who: State the median level of the party for which the delve is intended.
Which: Describe which tiles begin play removed, "face up", or as plain stone floor.
Where: Describe the contents of the delve, including all objects, traps, creatures, terrain, and other effects.
Why: Describe why adventurers might venture into this complex.
How: The map has no obvious entrance or egress. Describe how a party might enter and leave the delve. If you do not meet each of these required elements, you will receive a score of zero in Themes.

For reasons of copyright, I am not sure that I can post the map up here. However, you can see it on the WotC forums under the contest thread which you can find here - http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/26383201/Expert_Dungeon_Master_Competition_24:_Populate_a_Map_--_Arcane_Corridors!

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