Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Applications of Amethyst - Using the Rules for Something...else...

After finishing my review of Amethyst: Foundations last week, it has been really fresh in my head. So, I have been looking around to find all the different ways that I could use this book in different ways. Here are a couple of the different things that I have come up with so far.

Unreal Tournament

Last week, Cradle of Rabies, did a post about playing Unreal Tournament using D&D rules (http://cradleofrabies.blogspot.com/2011/01/unreal-tournament-in-d.html). What a brilliant idea. I played a little bit of Unreal back in high school, though I haven’t touched it in a long time. I must say, using Amethyst to run a game of Unreal would be a really, really easy thing to do. Because Amethyst brings a significant amount of technology to the classic rules of 4e D&D that we know and love, you can easily combine these both to run a game of Unreal pretty easily. Running the game, using Amethyst, is simply a matter of setting up a very complicated style of gladiator match and letting players rumble. Amethyst has all the rules you need for guns, tech armor, tech classes, etc. What would be even cooler is putting classic fantasy classes into the gladiator match and watching them take on the techan classes of Amethyst. Sounds like fun to me.

Cowboys vs. Aliens

I wish I had noticed the Appendix at the end of Amethyst before. In a recent post on this blog, I talked about the upcoming film, Cowboys vs. Aliens, and the graphic novel which it is based on. You could pretty easily run a game of Cowboys vs. Aliens using Amethyst and 4e D&D in conjunction. The 4e Monster manual has all sorts of Aberrant terrors to represent aliens and Amethyst provides all the alien technology, and even low level technology, that you could need. Check out the book and give their appendix a good read over and you will have lots more ideas for running a game.

Ergo Proxy

This one might not be as well known to people on the network, but Ergo Proxy is an anime produced by Geneon (you can check out their official site here, though it is all in Japanese: http://www.ergoproxy.com/ look it up on Wikipedia if you want to know more). Ergo Proxy is one of my favorite anime and presents a fantastic apocalyptic world. I also found It to be a matter of fate that the final episode of the series was entitled Deus Ex Machina (the name which is parodied by the company that produced Amethyst). Running a game of Ergo Proxy, using the Amethyst rules, would just be a matter of re-skinning the fluffy elements of Amethyst and using all the crunch. Actually, the story of Ergo Proxy follows very similar threads to the fantasy of Amethyst, especially with the super advanced Bastion cities where technology and techan humans abound. Check out the series and then consider using Amethyst to run a game in that world.

D&D / Warhammer 40k Crossovers

Given the popularity of these two games, I can’t imagine that I am the only one that thought about running a game of D&D which crosses over with the 40 K universe. Using the technology presented in Amethyst could be a great way to simulate Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Space Orcs, etc. I have always been fascinated with what would happen if Mankind from the 41st millennia happened to invade the Forgotten Realms, or maybe even Dark Sun. Because a lot of the higher level gear in Amethyst represents highly advanced technology, you could easily put those weapons in the hands of one of the Techan classes, and, with a little homebrew and reskinning, you have yourselves a little Deathwatch company of your own. Aren’t you curious? Amethyst gives you the tools that you need to make this happen. I would love to see this kind of game play out in paper and dice. Wouldn’t you? Elminster vs. Rogal Dorn? Come on. You have to admit it, that would be awesome.

Sure, maybe you want to use the Amethyst rules just for what they are, a campaign setting all on their own, but why stop there really? There are a plethora of other applications for the book, making it a must have in my opinion. I am sure that by the time I have posted this I will have thought up a whole bunch more.

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