Saturday, January 1, 2011

Classic Traveller Character - 2nd Officer Alexandra Quinn

Alexandra Quinn, or Lexi, as she was referred to by her friends, always had a mind for money. She knew how to get it, and she knew how to keep it. She had little interest in fighting, guns, or brawling (though she did always have a secret love of the blade). She wanted to get rich and buy herself the dream planet that her social status never afforded her. Her UPP of 656974, wasn't really anything special, but she had the wits to be a merchant. In her first Term of Service, she received her first commission. Over her many terms, she also received several promotions, earning the rank of 2nd Officer, by the time she retired, at the end of her 6th Term. Her years as a merchant served her very well. She could space-walk like the best of them (Vacc Suit 2) and she also developed a mind for electronics and machines working on ship hulls, doing repairs, in deep space (Electronics 3, Mechanical 1). She also managed to improve her Strength and her manual dexterity quite a bit, though after all her years of service, she retired with a UPP of 744984, not much better than when she started off. But, she also ended her Merchant career with quite the mother lode of cash, 120,000 Cr. and a significant working knowledge of the Blade (Blade 4).

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  1. It's always nice to see someone retire successfully.