Monday, January 3, 2011

Classic Traveller Character - Private Alexi

Alexi was the cream of the crop growing up. He was strong and smart and bosted a UPP of 956A68 to boot. His family were of some small note, but nothing too overly important. Alexi really wanted to Join the Navy as a young man, but his enlistment papers were rejected and he was forced into the Army. In his first term, he excelled at his training in Gunnery and Electronics and also improved his physical skills as well (STR +1), but due after he hit his CO in the face, he was not allowed back for a second Term, but the single term had done a great deal for Alexi in the realm of Rifle training; he picked up Rifle 2 during his Muster Out. Happy Space Adventures Alexi! Final UPP A56A68.

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