Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Classic Traveller Character - Seaman Garp

Garp was never a very strong kid. He had a weak arm. But, his UPP of 387877 meant that he had what it took for a life of military service. He enlisted in the Navy as a youth, but throughout his entire career, never received a commission. Garp was a bastion of perseverence. He made it through 6 terms without every looking to quit his Navy lifestyle. During his time as a Seaman, Garp gained training in a variety of skills. He became a Jack of all Trades, picked up some skills in Gunnery (Gunnery 2), and also learned how to use a Vaccume Suit (Vacc Suit 1). But, apart from that, he also picked up some very valuable skills, and despite his aging, managed to leave the Navy with a UPP of 297A78.

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