Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Classic Traveller Character Series Comes to an End

All good things must eventually come to an end. I have done about 2 weeks worth of Classic Traveller Character generation back story posts. Some of these were pretty interesting and fun, but I think I have posted about as many as I want to at this point. I will be moving on to Space Ships in the near future, so you can count on more wonderful Classic Traveller stuff coming to this blog as the days go on. I have made a TON of characters and I keep seeing the same general things going on, so I want to end the series before it gets to repetitive. Thanks for all your comments on these. It was a fun time running the series.

-The Help


  1. Thanks for posting them. It's been great to see so much Classic Traveller love :)

  2. Well, all good things, I guess....

    I enjoyed the run, but I'll tell you, I'm getting a little tired working on my subsector, so I'm glad that I'm done there too.

  3. It was a lot of fun doing these posts, but I think one of the problems that I am having with the Classic Traveller pack is that there aren't a TON of options. Considering that I am only working with the free edition of the game and haven't expanded into other versions of Traveller, I wouldn't say that my take on the game's depth is true of the entire game, just the free pack edition that PRG Now put out. I want to get more of it to have a lot more options. If this were drugs, the free edition of Classic Traveller was the taste; now that I am hooked I need to go back and spend money to sate my craving...