Sunday, January 9, 2011

Domain Game - The Empire of Trobosk

I happen to be another one of those lucky guys playing in the Domain game over at Hill Cantons. I don't want to give away too much about my nation (because a lot of it hasn't even been developed yet), but here is some background for my Nation, Trobosk.


The Barbarian Clans of Trobosk once roamed the lands, unhindered for centuries. Throughout their history they moved freely through the mountains, valleys and the forests, making a living for themselves as best they could. They abided the coming dwarves, who, centuries ago set up their mines in the heart of a great valley, at the center of the lands Trobosk called their own. They watched as the Dwarf operation grew and grew, but they would not make war against them. The Dwarves had their goals, they wanted the Mithral. Trobosk would settle for that. They believed that coexistence was possible.

But, the Dwarves did not remain forever, and after several hundred years, new invaders came to the land. These enemies, Elves and Orcs, had greater ambitions and spread like a wildfire through their forests. Goblins came too and built their empires in the now vacant mines of the Dwarves – at least the Goblins did not encroach upon Trobosk. If they wanted to occupy the lands that were lost, the Barbarians had little to say about that, but the Elves….they wanted the forests for themselves and they had the longevity and the power to take it. The Orcs were also a problem. Trobosk could not compete with them on a level playing field. Their numbers were simply too great, and their power too strong.

Now, the many Barbarian Clans of Trobosk are a nation in blood and bond, but have been uprooted from the lands they once called their own. They must find new lands to lay claim to. They must go where the world is free and open and hopefully take a piece of that world for themselves.

Culture and Government

Trobosk is a nation without any current lands to call their own. What used to be the lands of their nation has now been taken away by Orcs, Elves, and to some extent Goblins. However, Trobosk is a nation of people united by a common culture and ancestral history.

Trobosk is governed by a council of Witch Doctors. Each of the clans is led by three individuals; the Witch Doctor, the Shaman, and the Warlord. The Shaman tends to the spiritual needs of the people, communicating with the gods and blessing warriors, the Warlord leads the warriors of Trobosk in Battle against Orcs, Elves, and whatever other enemies the clans may face, and the Witch Doctor is the keeper of knowledge and ultimately the leading voice of the Clan. Each of the clans shares a similar blood, so a Witch Doctor may be chosen from anywhere within the clan. The main deciding factor in this choice is who presents an aptitude with Magic. It is said that from within each clan, only one will be born each generation who possesses any skill in arcana. This individual will become the new Witch Doctor when he or she has come of age.

Brom Wolf’s Maw

Brom is the new Witch Doctor to the Wolf Clan, one of the stronger, more respected clans of Trobosk. Although his clan is marked for their physical strength, Brom is not. At birth, he was considered to be very much the runt of the clan. He was physically weak and could never lay a very hard punch. However, around the age of 5, the Clan Witch Doctor witnessed Brom, unknowingly, perform a bit of magic. From that time, his initiation as a Wtich Doctor began. He was taught to read and write the script of the Barbarians. From that he gained the respect destined to members of his line.

Brom, the once small member of the clan, now stands about 6’5”. He is very tall, even for the Wolf Clan. He is somewhat muscular, but he lacks the physical presence of the rest of the Wolf Clan. Brom has lightish brown skin, a long black braided beard, and long black hair. He is heavily tattooed from neck to foot, and has numerous piercings in his ears, nose, and lips.


  1. We look forward to meeting Brom Wolf Maw. The Wolf Clan sounds like our kind of people. Shen very interested in this magic-stuff...

  2. Indeed. Brom looks forward to finding out more about Shen and his people as well...