Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gamma World - First Looks

This Christmas turned out to be a really good one for everyone in my family. We had a great trip to Vancouver. My son got lots of great new toys and clothes, my wife got lots of new clothes as well, and I got a BUNCH of games, both role playing and video. Among these wonderful presents to myself was the new edition Gamma World Box Set. Given how big of a fanboy I am of 4e, and D&D in general, I felt that it was necessary to give this product a chance since it uses the 4th Edition D&D rules as a baseline.

Let me preface all of this by saying that I have never played Gamma World before. I haven't played it in any of its versions, and have yet to play it in this one as well. I generally don't play mutant style games, not really out of choice mind you, I have never had anything against them, I just never had a group who would want to give one of them a try. But, now that I have a small group of people in the area that like 4e and are willing to play it, I thought that Gamma World might be the perfect game to finally give this genre a try.

So, this post kicks off my week long look at Gamma World. I hope you will enjoy learning about the game with me. From what I can tell so far, it looks like it might be a whole new world of fun. Gamma Terra here I come.


  1. As a Gamma World fan, I can't call it 4th edition Gamma World. D&D Gamma World works fine, but there have been 6 editions of the game with the name Gamma World prior to this one.

    That said, I do love this one.

  2. Sorry, that was a writing error on my part. It has been corrected above. I was referring to the fact that it uses the 4th Edition D&D rules as a baseline for the game, not that it is the 4th iteration of the Gamma World brand. Sorry for the error in writing.