Saturday, January 8, 2011

Genesis Journal #17 - What would happen if...

I was listening to the Tome Show the other day. One of the episodes that I happened to hit was #156 - World Building with Kieth Baker. Not only was I really fascinated by his Have Dice Will Travel project (I sent him an e-mail to see if he was interested in coming out to Japan soon after listening), but the approach they talked about in world building I think is really great. Kieth talked about how Eberron was essentially born - that the setting was the logical conlusion of what would happen if you let magic be used to develop the world to a more modern era. The main point of their discussion was the idea of focusing on one thing and extrapolating from that until you pretty much have an entire campaign setting. I really like this macro approach.

So, that got me thinking, there are a lot of things that are going on. I guess I went more with the Dark Sun approach to world building and thought about 10 major things that are going on in my world, but I failed to really define that 1 central thing that makes that world grow. I have been having a lot of writers block lately with my world building project; maybe going back to the start and trying it his way may actually not be such a bad idea.

The core idea that I had for this world in the beginning was: What would happen if you put the internet into a fantasy setting. Given all of what I have been talking about over the past few months, I guess you may not even be able to draw a link to that core question that I posed at the very beginning of it all. I think that core, "What if...?" question got lost somewhere along the way. I need to really go back and redesign some of the fluff of the world before I continue to move forward. I really want this core concept to be the foundation upon which everything gets built. Time to head back to the drawing table...

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