Friday, January 14, 2011

Help Send Living Dice to the GMA Trade Show

Treant, from LivingDice is attempting to rally support to help send his team of reporters to the Game Manufacturers Association Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has started a kickstart project to try and make this appearance a possibility.  Here is an excerpt from that project and what it entails:

This trade show is the first opportunity to see the new releases from some of the biggest names in game publishing like “Wizards of the Coast” “AEG,” “Wyrd Miniatures," "Queen Games" and "Mayfair Games," and over one-hundred other companies in advance of the summer convention season.

There is a great deal of interest in this “retailers focused” show by the general gaming public because of the new releases and prototype games on display. It is a world most gamers never get to experience.

For the past two years my collaborators and I have attended the show and provided coverage unparalleled by any other site. We generated reports and images for every vendor at the show, as well as special events like a live-blog of the “Wizards of the Coast” release seminar.

LivingDice is attempting to raise $500 for the show and so far are almost 10% of the way there.  They really need our help, so if you have a few spare dollars and are interested in receiving some really cool perks that go along with their attendance at the show, chip and and pledge a dollar or two.  Benefits start with a pledge of $1 giving you access to read their liveblog of the show.  That seems like a dollar well spent to me.  I will probably even do the same. 

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