Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letters from Artorius I - Re. The Rain That Never Ceases

To the Legatus Legionis:

My Lord, it has been too long since we last met in person. Our endeavors here on Kimyona are going swimmingly. Given your position in high orbit, I thought it relevant to report on our findings here. I hope you will find this information most fascinating.

This world is a strange one indeed, but ecologically speaking, not so dissimilar to our old world. From orbit, I am sure you have seen the massive clouds that cover most of this world’s face. From here, you would know just how far those clouds spread. The world is covered in a constant rain, which opens only in tiny pockets to let in beams of sun. However, vegetation seems to be unaffected, as though this rain were literally giving life to everything below. We have begun to conduct studies on the moisture here, but so far, tests fail to produce anything conclusive. However, these tests have yet to indicate anything out of the ordinary.

Contrary to the rain, which is constant and ever changing, the weather here varies significantly by region. Many areas of the world experience extreme heat, turning rain to steam almost as soon as these droplets hit the ground. Other areas, feature extreme cold, rain turning to ice before it even hits the ground. Other areas of the world have vast winds which have been known to even knock our Praetorians off of their feet unless anchored firmly to the ground.

Despite all of these strangeness in temperament, the people of this world go on as though it were the norm. It appears as though they have simply learned to live with these changes in their plane without ever thinking about the cause or origin of the shift. I fear they may not understand these signs and portents. Their world is assuredly dying my lord. It is as we expected. Perhaps this world will prove useful in our studies after all. I truly believe that our efforts on Kimyona will serve most fruitful.

Your ever faithful servant,
Justus Artorius, Primus Pilus, Centurion of the First

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