Saturday, January 15, 2011

Letters from Artorius II - Re. The Seed of Azatar

To the Legatus Legionis:

Our investigation of this world continues. This world is surely dying; we have found the seed of Azatar and it was right in front of our eyes all this time. I am sure that you have seen its shell, the great glowing pink shield was seen from our fleet as we past Kimyona. I believe that you may in fact be gazing down upon it as you read this. All you need do is look out the window of your cruiser and you will notice the giant orb far below, breaking through the sea of endless clouds.

I regret so say that I do not currently know how far along the seed has come in its gestation, though I will say, the signs of its growth are everywhere. In my previous letter, I wrote to you regarding the weather patterns that continuously ravage this world. I cannot help but think that the seed is, the, root cause of it all.

As you have commanded, my brethren and I have made contact with many of the people of Kimyona, the diverse and varied lot that they are, and have been able to ascertain several facets of knowledge about the coming of Azatar’s Seed. I will say that speaking to so many in so many different tongues has left me quite exhausted. I will write to you more about them in the future. Through this interaction, we learned much about “The Legend” of the Seed of Azatar.

The people of Kimyona believe that the Seed impacted their plane approximately ten thousand years ago. It is truly remarkable that the impact of the Seed did not destroy the plane itself, as it has done in so many times about the planes. The people of this world tell of a great host of Kami, what we would call Gods on our world; these Kami so loved this world that they gave up the vast majority of their great power in order to save this plane. They encased the Seed in a great magical barrier. The barrier contained the majority of the Seed’s impact, though they could contain it all. It split the land around the point of impact destroying a massive empire. Though their sacrifice preserved the majority of life on Kimyona, the destruction of this empire, and the aftermath of the impact, caused a great deal of chaos on this plane. What followed is still unclear, but it relates to the coming of a man, a member of what is called here humankind; this man, known as the Kotei, or emperor in our language, put an end to the chaos and united the peoples of Kimyona.

We will continue our search for knowledge and I will inform you with all haste whatever we find out about the Seed and this Kotei. For now, this is all.

Your ever faithful servant,

Justus Artorius, Primus Pilus, Centurion of the First

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