Monday, January 17, 2011

Letters from Artorius III - Re. Creation Mythology

To the Legatus Legionis:

My lord, I write to you today with further news in our inquest into the very nature of this world. While we have been seeking knowledge regarding the nature of the Seed and its effect on this plane, we have also, at your behest, been researching how this plane came to be. As we have seen before, the planes have a vary greatly in terms of apotheosis; this one is highly unique. You will be pleased with the mythos that we have uncovered.

Legends record that this plane was created by three powerful entities, which go far beyond even what we would conceive of as gods, and are referred to by their collective name as the Kanpeki, a word which in our tongue translates to something akin to “perfection”. From these three Kanpeki, all other life on the world was formed.

The first, most powerful of the Kanpeki, Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, looks down, ever watching, but never interfering; she is a goddess of life and passion and continuously gives her life to all those that inhabit Kimyona, including the other two Kanpeki. The second Kanpeki, the god of the Sky, Hirosora, is said to be the eternal protector that encompasses and protects the people of Kimyona. The third and final Kanpeki, the goddess of the Earth, Chikyu, is said to be the birthing mother of all creation.

Legends tell that the first to inhabit Kimyona were the Great Beasts, 12 in total, which towered high above the surface of the world. The may have even been larger than some of the largest cities we had on Praetor. I do not doubt that to have walked the world during the time of these Great Beasts would have been a dangerous life indeed. However, the legends also tell that these Great Beasts were a creation that went unloved by their creators. They were mindless and incapable of communion. So, the Kanpeki sealed the Great Beasts away deep inside of the earth, inside of Chikyu herself; they called this act the unbirth.

The next creations to inhabit the world were the Elder Kami, what we would call gods. I spoke to you of their sacrifice in our previous letter. These Elder Kami represented all that is extraordinary in this world, from the greatest tree, to the most unassuming speck of sand. It may be confusing to think of them in this way, I apologize. I will have to elaborate on the Elder Kami more in a future letter. However, to state it briefly, these Kami possessed a fantastic spiritual essence to which the Kanpeki felt a great connection; they were allowed to exist through all time.

Millennia passed before the Kanpeki again decided to create again. This time, they birthed a vast variety of creatures, all of which were based off of the visual representation of the essence belonging to the Kami themselves. Though we have yet to see these Kami with our eyes, it would seem that all the races of this world were made in their image. A fascinating prospect really. The Dragons of Praetor would find it so at least, were they still with us.

What happened from there is contained within the history books of this land. I will elaborate on that more later, once we have had more time to peruse through these texts. May your lordship find this information useful in our quest for understanding.

Your ever faithful servant,

Justus Artorius, Primus Pilus, Centurion of the First

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