Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Letters from Artorius IV - Re. The Dying World

To the Legatus Legionis:

My lord, today I write to you in hopes that I might elaborate on what I referred to earlier as a dying world. Some of the information which follows has been collected from legends that are spread among the people and some of it comes from actual hard facts that we have collected in our research of Kimyona and the Seed.

The legends say that 10,000 years ago, when the Seed of Azatar impacted with this world, the world, Chikyu began to die. The general people of the world had very little understanding of the nature of the seed, but what they did know is that it struck the plane in the most heavily defended and fortified empire in the world – the literal heart of Kimyona. This death blow destroyed a vast empire and caused a great shift in the world’s topography and geography.

The great Kampeki, Perfect of the earth was said to be mortally wounded by that blow from the heavens. Though legends held by druids and the primal worshippers of the Elder Kami hold that for these last 10,000 years Chikyu has been letting out her last breath and dying in the arms of her lover the sky. They claim that is the cause for all the rain. The sky is crying over the loss of its one, true love and mate. However, the earth herself is not dead yet, these same legends say, but will die complete and totally soon. They even go so far as to say that the wound that was inflicted was poison and that poison will be the thing that kills her…. I think you may believe that argument has some weight. We both know what the Seed will do to this plane. They are not mistaken when they claim it is poison.

But, these are all just legends; other legends also prophesize that when the earth Perfect finally dies, the Sky, Father of all, will lash out and destroy all of creation. The Sky will finally break and when it does, the world will end. We know this world is ending, or else we would not be there, but I must say I doubt that end will come from the Sky above. That end is already taking root in the very fabric of the plane itself.

As to the evidence of this world’s death which I spoke of earlier, our research has shown that on this plane, the people have begun exploiting the earth for its vast resources. Massive mines extend deep beneath the earth’s skin and from those depths all manner of minerals and power are being dug up. However, our Hypothesers believe that the more this process continues, the faster the Seed begins to germinate and accelerate in growth. In other words, as the world is exploited, it continues to die; in the end, through their industry and their stupidity, the people of this plane are speeding towards their own downfall. With such little life force to support it, the Earth Perfect has no ability to replenish the stores inside itself and cannot continue to support the growth taking place all across the surface world.

I have mentioned the weather on this plane, I don’t think that necessitates further explanation, but our Hypothesers point to that as well as a sure sign that this world is rapidly increasing in instability.

I have also received reports from my men, who have had more dealings with the people than I, that there are a great number of mutated races which have begun to pop up over the last millennia. The first of these mutated races, something akin to the Orcs in our distant past, are said to have dug deep enough into the Earth Perfect as to actually draw up her blood. That blood has given them great and terrible strength, but it has also led to terrible mutation and genetic corruption. They use this blood of the Earth Perfect in order to fuel massive war machines and grant their soldiers greater power in battle.

I will look into this “blood” more in the future and have our top Hypothesers extrapolate on what it could be and how it could be harnessed without risking gene mutation.

Your ever faithful servant,

Justus Artorius, Primus Pilus, Centurion of the First

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