Monday, January 3, 2011

My very fruitful Vancouver Vacation

So, like I said, I went on a trip back to North America, to Vancouver in fact, over my winter vacation. The flights were long and painful, but the the time I spent there was a lot of fun. I picked up all of my Christmas presents and Review copies (which I had brought up to Canada for the trip, rather than my usual bulk forwarding that I do to get all my stuff out to me in Japan for cheap) and spent every extra second pouring over them.

But, probably the highlight of the trip for me was my game store visits. I hit the Games Workshop at the Metro Town Shopping Mall on Boxing Day. I think it was one of the few stores that wasn't totally packed with after Christmas shoppers. I haven't really been playing 40k since about 2006/2007, but I am getting back into the 41st Milena now with Rogue Trader. So, I picked up some of the Horus novels to get myself back into the lore of the Universe.

However, even better than my trip to Games Workshop, was my much too short visit to Drexoll Games. This FLGS was really awesome, so much so in fact that I really want to do a full review of the store for the blog. What made the trip so valuable was that I was able to pick up the 1983 Red Box, and the Blue Box for $5 a piece. I have heard so much said about old school D&D, but I haven't had a chance to get into these games yet myself. I can't wait to do that now. I will post my thoughts on these box sets as soon as I get a chance to look through them.

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