Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Team Member Approaches

In the spirit of this month's RPG Blog Carnival, which asks us what new things we are going to be doing in our gaming lives in 2011, the Dump Stat has a very important announcement to make. This week, the Dump Stat will be welcoming a new member to the team (now this site will not be just a one man job). My oldest friend, and long time gaming counterpart, will be joining me to blog about his own personal experiences in gaming. As a matter of fact, he will not only be new to the Dump Stat, but new the RPG Blog community as well. He is a newcomer to our little corner of the net, but he is eager to get his start, so I hope we are all on our best behavior when he makes his big debut *wink wink*.

As a reminder, the Dump Stat is always looking for new members of the team. If you would like to join up and post a bit, we would love to have you. Just shoot me an e-mail using the contact information that you can find in the Contact section at the top of the page, or simple leave a comment here with your e-mail.

I hope you look forward to hearing from our new team member and I hope to hear from others out there looking to join the Dump Stat team.

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