Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions - Goals for 2011

Yesterday, I took a look back at 2010 and saw how far this sight has come. It has really gone a lot further than I ever imagined. I am really happy about that. I also have grown up a lot over the past year (having a kid and getting married does that to a guy). So, I thought I should take a minute to lay out my goals for this site, and for myself for 2011. It will be great to have all these goals out there, so that next year, in 2011 when I take a look back, I can see how many of these goals I have accomplished.

Well, I guess my personal goals should come first, since they are simple, and I bet a lot of people share them with me
Personal Goals List!
Lose some weight. I used to play varsity soccer and throw a football around once in a while! What happened to me?! I have definitely put on a few pounds since high school and I blew past the freshman fifteen in college during my first semester. I am pretty far off of my ideal weight, but I think I could probably get that back in line pretty quickly. One of my dreams would be to run a Marathon by the time I turn 25 (Yea, I am young... I think this has been mentioned in the past) and run a Triathlon by the time I turn 30. My wife really want to lose all her baby weight too, so this site might end up turning into the tales of the Dieting DM in the near future... (haha).
Get Better at Japanese. I speak pretty good Japanese. My wife really helps with that. Adding in the fact that living in Japan forces me to use it regularly, I guess it all adds up to be a real help. So, I would really like to improve my Japanese through some type of measurable means. I think learning about 2000 Kanji and passing the 2nd Level JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) by December 2011, seems like a pretty good goal for where I am at now.
Have Fun with My Kid. My son is pretty awesome. He is pretty much the cutest, funnest thing around. Having fun with him as he gets older seems to be a pretty good goal to me.

I guess I keep it simple when it comes to personal new years resolutions. Some of them get accomplished, some don't. Here are my resolutions for the blog in 2011.

Hit 1000 Posts. That is right. I am aiming pretty high. As of today, there are over 250 posts on this site, something that I am pretty proud of. I guess this is really turning into my gamer diary more than anything else. I really want to keep up this posting schedule and hit 1000 posts by January 1st 2011, while maintaining the same level of length and quality that I have had up until now.
Make My First Dollar in the RPG Industry. That is right. I want to earn a dollar in the RPG industry. It could be doing freelance stuff, art, or selling my own adventures or games, but I would love to make a Dollar doing what I love to do (not from my family) so that I can finally tell my wife that I have a hobby that actually makes money, not just spends money ( lol ).
Take Ninja Minotaur Publishing Live. I have been toying with the idea of making an e-book Publishing company, to publish free or low Priced Indie Games and Game Supplements for a while now. I would love to make that dream a reality.

but... the big one and the hard one...
Get my first Freelance Job. I would really, really like to write something this year for somebody else. Preferably, I would also love to get paid to do that. I don't have any lofty goals of becoming a full time Freelancer, but I would love to publish a module, or an article, and get paid for my effort.

What do you think? We could take bets in the comments section as to which of these will come true. What are your resolutions for 2011? Do you share anything that is on my list?

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