Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now Playing: Magic the Gather... again... this time Online

I have posted here before about my love for Magic: The Gathering, but that love has generally not been expanded upon much.  I am a big fan of the game and have been for years.  I started playing with the cards around middle school, but never really understood the rules and started actually playing games until high school (until then it had all been pretty much made up rules created among friends with random cards). 

When I worked at Fun 'N' Games in California, I used to pick up a fair amount of cards, but I was never the resident Magic Guru.  We had another guy, Brian, who would usually run Friday Night Magic, or the tournaments on the weekends.  I didn't do to much work with singles buying, but sometimes, when the other guy wasn't there, I picked up some cards that I knew we would sell... and sell we did.

The highlight for me as a Magic Player came around the time of the Guild Pact set.  That was the only era of the game which I have actually played hardcore.  I picked up a couple boxes of packs and was opening packs up just about every week.  I played in several local tournaments and placed top 8 a few times, but that was never enough to win anything.  I don't even think I ever got a DCI number...  but, I had a lot of fun. 

I think Draft has always been my favorite play format because the playing field gets nice and even.  You don't have to worry about having a deck that loses because it isn't full of the best cards.  I have never been one to shill out massive amounts of money for expensive, unbeatable decks, instead, turning to commons bins and friends with boxes of cheap cards in order to build fun, semi-competitive decks.  I have had a few nice ones, which I loved, including a deck full of walls.

Among the gaming groups in Yamanashi, there are currently two groups that run D&D - one on Tuesdays and one that I run at my place once in a long while (unfortunately most of my players are running out of time on their contracts and are heading home pretty soon - bummer).  But, there is also a recurring Thursday night MTG group that gets together for some casual play, running strange game formats and playing multiplayer.  I have been to that group once since I got here and I am going again tonight.  You'll note that I only had one post come up today because I have been busy... deckbuilding and getting MTG:Online Running on my netbook (that was a huge pain btw, but one 5 minute call to WotC customer service was able to get my account running in no time.  Because of my small, tiny screen, the resolution changes make the activate new account button invisible... lame! that is something they might want to think about fixing at some point :P  but, oh well.  My fault for playing below the resolution requirements).

So, if you are a MTG:Online player and you want to get in a game with Greg the Minotaur, feel free to friend me and follow me on Twitter.  They both use the same screen name.  My SN is Shinobicow776; you can follow me @Shinobicow776 using one of the buttons on the top of this here blog and then request games with me when I am offline.  I will probably be online after work most days, when I am not working on RPG related stuff, so I should be easy to find.  Go easy though.  It has been a while.  I'm very rusty.

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  1. Back in '93/'94 a buddy of mine was in the marines and he came home on leave telling me about this game they were all playing on base. He had a deck with him and after showing me how to play I called around and found some shops that had just started carrying the game. I bought my first starter deck, we went back to my house played a few games and then I went back to the shop a few hours later and bought 2 full boxes. I loved Magic back then.
    I enjoyed the game and a pretty good group of players. We bought every card we could get our hands on up until around '97. After that I only picked up the occasional pack and hardly ever played.
    I started teaching my daughter to play last year and I admit I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the game. Granted I have never been into tournament play and honestly I pretty much stick with the core sets because I don't like a lot of the mechanics for the expansion, but I still enjoy it.
    I tried playing online about 7 years ago, but could never find anyone to play with. I may give it another try and look you up.