Monday, January 10, 2011

RPG Blog Carnival - New Year, New Game

So, this month, the RPG Blog Carnival begins anew. The host this month is the action point, and the theme for the month is: "New Year, New Game". Here is a basic summary for this carnival taken from our hosts for the month.

"As you can see by the title, the theme for this month is tied to the New Year season. Lots of folks have done a “Best Of 2010″ list, and that’s fantastic, but for the Carnival I want to look forward, break new ground and look toward new horizons. I want you to tell me what you’re going to be doing DIFFERENT in 2011 in your gaming life."

So, given that this month’s RPG Blogger Carnival topic, I thought I would get involved and write about some of the new games that I have been playing, reading, and reviewing this month. You can see one of the new games that I have been playing this month in the banner at the top of my site: Amethyst. I have been reviewing it over the last couple of weeks and just put out my full review last weekend.

I have a whole mess of reviews coming up, including this week's special look into, and review, of Gamma World. Other reviews this month will include Rogue Trader, and even L5R. I hope you look forward to them.

Also, because this month's carnival is all about NEW, I will be amping up work on my setting, The Mad Lands and posting new stuff to my Obsidian Portal wiki. If you want to give it a read, I always appreciate feedback.

You can check out the starting post here, and our host for this month, the Action Point, at:

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