Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RPG Blog Carnival - Spirits of the 7th Sea Pt. 1

One of the new games that I want to talk about for this month’s RPG Blogger’s carnival is Spirits of the 7th Sea, a game designed around the Spirits of the Century Fate system which is used in the Dresden Files RPG. Right now, I am participating in a Play by Post game of Spirits of the 7th Sea at the RPG Table Talk forums, hosted by RPG Circus http://www.rpgtabletalk.com/.

So far, we haven’t gotten much further than character generation, but all those involved are having a great time already. The use of Aspects, while a bit confusing, seems like a really interesting mechanic which I am looking forward to getting to know a lot better in the days to come. One of the other things that I really like so far is the ease of character creation. The simplicity of the skill system is a really nice change from what I get most of the time in D&D. Essentially, Skills in SotC combine the core statistics of a character, combat skills, and utility skills all into one. Flushing out my character this way was really fun.

The other fun element of character creation in SotC are the stunts. From what I have seen so far, comparing SotC to D&D 4e, Stunts are something like Feats and Powers melded together. You can buy Stunts during by spending refresh at the beginning of the game. For every Stunt you buy, you recrease the amount of refresh you get by a single point. Refresh serves as a method for gaining FATE, one of the most important parts of the SotC system. Using FATE points to get bonuses is kind of what the whole system is all about (thus, the FATE system). Stunts hinge off of skills and encompass things like Brawling in hand to hand, to Swordsman Schools, and giving your character magical powers through Sorcery.

I have really only just started playing in this game, but I am sold. It seems like a great change from what I usually play; next time, I’ll post my character up here for all to see. Look forward to it and go check out a game that uses FATE. You’ll be glad that you did.

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