Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shadowrun: Cyberpunk F/X

You may recall that some time ago I was recruiting for a new Shadowrun game that I had started up as a Play by Post game on the RPG Table talk forums. Well, it looks like this blog post, and some posts on twitter were very successful. I now have 5 players all eager to dive into the net and work their way around a wonderfully cyberpunk world.

This experience has been a very fun one. I haven’t looked at my Corporate Enclaves book in a long time, so It has been collecting a lot of dust, but I opened it up after we decided that the game was going to be taking place in LA. What a fun time this is going to be. I don’t know if they are prepared to swim or not, but they will most likely have to ford some rivers *ahem* freeways in their upcoming adventure.

The premise of the group right now is that they are a group of Special F/X guys working in Hollywood. They have a little studio which they used to make movies the old fashioned way, not on the net. There is still a small following for this kind of entertainment in LA, since it is definitely old-school and everything that was once popular in Hollywood becomes popular again.

I don’t want to give away too much about their adventures, but I will say that it bodes to be a very, very fun time. We have a new page on Obsidian Portal for the campaign which I will post up under the Shadowrun link in the navigation bar at the top. Feel free to give it a look see and comment on people’s adventures.

This Play by Post is being held on the RPG Table Talk forum. If you time it right, there is a link that comes around at the top of this page as well. I like it that way. Go give it a look see. There are a few play by post games running there now and most of them are either being run, or have players, who you might know from the RPG Bloggers Network. I have a new Gamma World game which I am going to start trying to run there as well. Give it a look see. If you want to play, we are still welcoming new people for that, but the Shadowrun game has officially closed. IC will begin soon.

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