Sunday, January 16, 2011

Smallville Spotlight - Kick Off

Though I may have never been one for buying comic books, nor have I ever played many Superhero based RPG’s, I am a huge sucker for Smallville. If you have been living in a void for the last 10 years, the TV Show Smallville has been carrying the Superman legacy on while we wait for good, high quality Superman movies to hit the big screen. I can’t say much for the latest superman film (I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t like it that much either), but I have always been a huge Superman fan. I actually had a custom Superman painted parking spot at my high school (long story). I loved the original movies (at least the first 2 or 3…) and I was also a big fan of Lois & Clark, the New Adventures of Superman while it had its run on the air. But, none of these series, or movies, quite captured my attention like the tales of the young man of steel.

Let my walk down memory road begin….

I got hooked on Superman with Lois & Clark actually. That was a long time ago. I was in elementary school when that was still airing on TV, during the early to mid 90’s. I thought Dean Cain was awesome and I had a major crush on Teri Hatcher, which only got worse when she made her appearance as a bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies (which is still my favorite of the Bond films from that era). I was infatuated with how devious and vile Lex Luthor was and the storyline where Zod comes back and tries to take over the earth was awesome.

It wasn’t until after Lois & Clark went into reruns that I actually picked up and watched the original movies and it wasn’t until high school that they made it into my list of favorite movies. The reason for that probably has a lot to do with the spot Smallville took in my life.

Smallville came out while I was in the middle of a very tough time in my life. I was sick for a very long time in Middle School, hospitalized many times. The Doctor’s never really knew what was wrong with me, which ended up prolonging that illness for a very, very long time. It turned out to be a fairly common stomach disease, which since then, has been getting much easier to diagnose. Thankfully most people won’t ever have to go through the same troubles I had now that awareness about the disease is out there. That show really helped me get through a pretty tough time in my life. I loved the stories and I felt like I could relate to Superman and all the problems he faced as a high-school student more than any of the other comic book characters out there. Because honestly, I don’t know a lot of other sick kids that really relate to Batman (the X-men came in a close second for me, but they never really captured my visual imagination as much as Smallville has).

In high school, I started buying the box sets and have collected them faithfully since then. I have watched and re-watched some of those episodes more times than I care to talk about here (especially the ones where Clark goes bad… those were awesome…). I just picked up the season 9 box set over Christmas and to get caught up, have finally finished going on a serious binge through seasons 6-9. I must say, I thought the show might slip a bit when Lana and Lex exited the picture (oops, spoiler alert) but honestly, I think the show has only gotten better with time. It kind of makes me wish that Angel had seen a longer run (another show I really, really love, even more so than Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The plots just get thicker and thicker as time goes on and it has been awesome seeing the makings of The Justice League come together.

Unfortunately, Smallville is in its 10th and final season now. It really bums me out. I almost cried when, during the into to season 10 they announce, “Now, the Premiere of the Final Season of Smallville.” I know that the actors need to move on with their lives and that Superman has to finally don his red cape and tights at some point, but something inside me hoped that the show would go on forever.

Oh… wait… It can...

Margaret Weis Productions just so happens to have a Smallville RPG out which they debuted at Gencon 2010. What a coincidence. You thought this walk down memory lane was going nowhere didn’t you??? You can pick up the Smallville RPG at a game store near you, or through Margaret Weis Production directly. Here is a little tidbit of what the game has to offer taken from their site:

“Every hero has a beginning… The SMALLVILLE Roleplaying Game lets you experience all the superpowered action and coming-of-age drama of the hit show on the CW Network. Whether you're struggling against your heritage, your humanity, or your heroic responsibility, you'll need the support of friends and family in order to embrace your destiny. Players may choose to take on the role of Clark, Chloe, Lois, Oliver, or their own original characters in the world of SMALLVILLE.

Easy-to-learn rules and full-color pages bring the show to life for new and experienced gamers alike.”

I just happen to have a copy of this RPG and I will be taking an in depth look at all 216 pages over the course of this week, culminating in a full review of the Game to be posted at Stargazer’s World and around the net. Will it live up to my very, very discerning Smallville standards? This week, we will all find out together. Let my spotlight on the Smallville RPG begin!!


  1. It's a very good game. I say this as someone that isn't a fan of the TV show...I was very pleased (and pleasantly surprised) by it...that said, I thought MWP outdid last year with Leverage.

  2. As a fan of Smallville and of The New Adventures of Lois and Clark (more so the latter than the former, mainly because of exposure) I've been curious about this one since I saw it advertised. I'm looking forward to hearing your take on things! I can't even seem to find information about the Core Mechanic anywhere, but I may just not know where to look... :)

  3. It uses the Cortex system, but I will get into that later this week... stay tuned.

  4. hahaha Smallwilly:)