Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update: City Builder, Design Shift

Due to the fact that I am playing in and game mastering several games now, in addition to doing a pretty heavy load of reviews, I have not had nearly enough time, as I would like, to work on my City Builder game. But, hopefully with some help in the coming weeks, it will be growing up big and strong.

Part of the hang-up that I have been having is my re-evaluation of the core system and mechanics. If you are at all familiar with my Game Chef Entry this year, you know that I used a dice pool mechanic, and a system similar to the one used in WoD and Shadowrun. You roll a certain number of dice and try to get a certain quantity of those dice above a target number. The target number changes from time to time, and the quantity of dice that you have to hit also escalates as the game gets deeper and deeper.

I have kind of decided to do away with this mechanic, at least for now, and make the game into a more traditional RPG format, rather than the format I had been using. What I am trying to do now, is adapt my idea to several existing RPG systems, and then use that base system for the Characters and NPC’s. For example, I am hoping to be build this City Builder system using the Wyrm rules, developed my Michael Wolf and used in his hit Warrior Rogue & Mage, as well as the newly released, Resolute, Adventurer, & Genius. I like the simplicity of this system a lot and I feel that It would work very well for developing a more large scale format for the system.

As you might know, I am playing in the Domain Game, running right now at Hill Cantons. It is proving to be quite the educating experience, as it is really showing me the kind of game that I want to design, but on an even bigger scale. This City System game would essentially be something similar to Domain level play, but in a bit of a smaller scope. However, through his game, and through reading some other game books lately, I think I have a pretty good idea of how I would run City System without turning it into a board game.


  1. Again, good luck on this.

    This is the kind of game I desperately want.

  2. well, I will just have to work more on it then. Wish me luck *starts typing furiously*