Wednesday, February 16, 2011

24 Hour RPG - Alone in the Woods - Complete, Twittercast below

Yesterday, around noon, I started work on my 24 Hour RPG – Alone in the Woods. Now, I’m all finished with it. I also made up my mind that I was going to tweet about the whole ordeal, while I was actually writing my little RPG. It turned out to be a pretty fun thing to do. Lots of people chimed in to have conversations about the game and to talk about the contest in general. I encourage you to do the same. Below, you’ll find the anthologized version of this tweetcast in which I begin and end my RPG in about 14 hours of non-stop, finger breaking work. But, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I have something complete to show for my efforts. You can download my RPG at this link.

now starting the first of my attempts on the #24HourRPGContest - this year I'm going to do two of these. Starting Alone in the Woods now.

The game will be based on #HomeAlone and #RobinHood - Maybe a Blend of the Anthripamorhpic and Robin Hood Men in TIghts version

got the basic idea for this game down, now i'm just going to have to figure out how to present all of it. Going to be a very long haul.

24 Hour RPG - Alone in the Woods - Work Begins NOW!!!: #RPG

@HyenaSpotz Thanks. Currently doing a little write-up about the world and the Major NPC's. Keeton is going to end up being the Sheriff

Currently writing up NPC descriptions. Good times. Robin Hood turned out to be a real lecher and I jokes abound with Friar Tuck.

I think I just finished up writing section 2 of the book. It is way easier being able to draw from two already well known sources.

Thank god the story of Robin Hood is public Domain... gotta love old, old stuff.

there are some great public domain images for Robin Hood on Wikimedia commons. That is going to make this easier.

now finally on to the Rules section of the game. I tore the d20 system apart and stripped it down to its most basic elements. #24HourRPGLive

This rules section is going to take time. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew trying to pump this out quickly... #24HourRPGLive

@HyenaSpotz yup. That is pretty much all I am using. Movement is going to be mostly secret and combat is going to be about traps.

@HyenaSpotz Same here. If that was the case than so much of the old stuff would be public domain and be full of awesome.

@HyenaSpotz Still, using wikimedia commons to find artwork is pretty much the best option for games like this. at least I think so.

Currently writing up the section on Phases, in which the Young Merry Men have a chance to gather resources for trap building #24HourRPGLive

#24HourRPGLive home now from work, stopped to pick up snacks and sustenance. Work continues now, renewed and restocked.

@HyenaSpotz god yea. Nikuman, Pocky, Cup Raman, lots of other goodies as well. Great stuff. Will get me through this.

breaking from writing to work on the Character Sheet part of the Game, then I'll get back into Character Creation chapter #24HourRPGLive

#24HourRPGLive Character sheet is all finished moving on to other things. Still trying to get teh Character Creation section done.

#24HourRPGLive decided I was going to need to better explain how the Trap process works before I move on with this game.

@HyenaSpotz LoL. I have like 8 hours until I burn out on this and have to hit the sack for work tomorrow... Going to be a long haul.

#24HourRPGLive Going back and editing the Trap section some more. It is the biggest part of the game so I have to get it right

@HyenaSpotz its going to be fun, it feels like your are playing a rather humorous version of Battleship in a forest #24HourRPGLive

@firestormink i'm going to write those pretty soon. Just got done figuring out what kind of traps you can set.

@HyenaSpotz lol maybe. Oh, did I mention the LoL points?

@HyenaSpotz Well, LoL points are in the game

getting very side tracked... must focus #24HourRPGLive

#24HourRPGLive the rules section takes so bloody long to write. After this only 2 other sections left to go, then formatting...

@dazedsaveends actually, I have a lot of time left, on the clock at least, I have until tomorrow at noon... but my tiredness level may kick

#24HourRPGLive update: Currently at 24 Pages, 7700 Words in. Fingers Bloody. Knowing that I'll get it done - Priceless

@dazedsaveends lol my rest schedule begins when I'm finished. I have work tomorrow... :P gotta get this done before that all starts

@Highmoon thanks for the good wishes! it's fun times.

#24HourRPGLive update: finished the rules section now moving onto finishing up the Character creation section.

@firestormink for serious! I finished that now, Character creation is also done. Characters in this game are more fluff than crunch.

#24HourRPGLive update: Character creation is all finished. Very simple process. I got rid of equipment, classes, and races... very quick

#24HourRPGLife update: now breaking for frozen pizza and those little strawberry koalas... delicious.

#24HourPRGLive update: talking with my wife has severely hurt my progress... not sure if this one is going to get finished on time now...

#24HourRPGLive update: finished writing the game. Now time to just put the finishing touches on this and I'm gonig to submit

#24HourRPGLive update: my live Tweetcast is now at an end. I'll press the submit button in about 15-30 minutes and then you can read it

@Shinobicow776 has submitted his entry for the 24hr RPG contest! That's two in quick off the mark!!

#24HourRPGLife update: my entry, Aline in the Woods is up on the #1km1kt website. At school now. need...redbull...

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