Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ghost Runner: The 9th Layer Completed!... but a little late... sorry!

Well, I finished up my RPG - Ghost Runner: The 9th Layer and made my proclomation post over on the 1km1kt forums.  I did however meet with some seriuos setbacks during the production of this game.  Late last night, when I was hard at work, the original word file got corrupted and saved in that state.  I wasn't able to recover much of the document and lost about 7 hours worth of work...  at that point, my Live Twittercast of all this stopped as I nearly threw my netbook across the apartment.  The valuable lesson that I learned from this is that you never want to use the same save file when working on stuff like this - make multiple save files, like you would when you're playing final fantasy, and that way, even if one does happen to get corrupted, at least one or two will be ok.

But, the game got done.  I'm really happy to say that.  I did some serious salvage work early this morning and then went back to work.  Even with some serious marital interuptions, I was able to complete this RPG and get it in only about an hour or 2 late.  I feel like declaring that as a victory, even if it might knock me out of the running for any of the big prizes... lol.

Check out the download at this link here.

I'll get an overview of this RPG up here later, but all you need to really know is that it uses the FATE system with a new rules lite d8 system of my own, the DOOM 8 system.  I was able to work in combo attacks into the game, but I don't know If I really liked the result.  I'll probably do some more with this system at a later point.  For now, I'm tired of typing and I really want to take a break from my bleeding computer monitor.  I feel like I'm covered in Ectoplasm after this one and I need a shower, or three...

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